Duc Khai Corporation received the International Star for Leadership in Quality Award


Recognized for Commitment to Quality, Leadership, Technology and Innovation, Duc Khai Corporation represents success for Vietnam in the business world.


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- 18-Sep-2011, at the InterContinental Geneva Hotel (Switzerland) took place international star for quality award 36th, 2011, awarded by Business Initiative Directions organization (B.I.D). The B.I.D based in Madrid, Spain that is set by the leaders of 90 leading nations in the world, is organizing activities in the field of business communications with goal of building reputation and brand for the business through the assessment of product quality.


- Mr. Pham Ngoc Lam, Chairman of Duc Khai Corporation was honor awarded International Star for Leadership in Quality Award and International Gold Star for Quality Award for the leading companies in each business fields with commitment to quality, excellence leadership and quality in accordance with QC100 Criteria.


- The convention was attended by companies from 49 countries, with leaders of various business fields, professionals worldwide in areas such as economic, quality assessment , as well as individuals and representatives of the diplomatic corps along with the presence of representatives of heads of strong brands are awarded and the diplomats.


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