Solutions for renovating dilapidated apartment buildings


(PLO) - For a long time, the relocation – residential clearance, building new apartment building met many difficulties due to the fact that State, investors and residents have not found a common voice in the compensation, resettlement arrangement, capital and investment mechanisms.


Unanimity, agreement is the first measure

- According to Mr. Pham Ngoc Lam, the Chairman of Duc Khai Joint Stock Company’s solutions, the first measure must incorporate the unanimity and consensus of the people and authorities. There is a need for mutual trust between people and investors.

Mr. Pham Ngoc Lam’s statements during the Seminar on solutions to renovating dilapidated apartment buildings


Some proposed solutions are as follows:

- Regarding the selection of investors, let investors find out, propose and establish business plans. Call for support from the state. “We used to implement the project at 289 Tran Hung Dao. The government’s drastic solutions made investors feel secure to implement,” Mr. Lam said.


The news of HTV9 reported "Finding solutions to renovating the dilapidated apartment buildings"


 By 2020, dealing with 50% of degraded apartment buildings

- Administrative procedures also impede the preparation of investment plans from compensation for ground clearance to project construction investment. It takes 2 years to build a project if things go conveniently, which needs discussing.

- (PLO)-There are hundreds of dilapidated and seriously degraded apartments in HCMC. Most of these apartments were built before 1975; their infrastructure was too damaged to be repaired. Thousands of people are still living in such conditions. So what is the solution to renovating dilapidated apartment buildings?

Reportage “Finding solutions to renovating the dilapidated apartment buildings”


- By 2020, 50% of damaged and degraded apartments in the area will be dealt with. This is a big challenge set for districts, departments and investors. Initial excitement is crucial; among 89 dilapidated apartments in District 1 are 21 apartments with their construction area of more than 1,000 m2. If adding the apartment buildings whose area under construction is less than 1,000 m2, they account for 1/3 of the apartments in District 1. The remaining 500, 300 m2 of this type must be relocated.
- The state should create favorable conditions for investors to accelerate projects. When making compensation and resettlement, investors need to understand the difficulties of the people. People also need to have an understanding and share with investors because they not only invest in building apartments but also contribute to urban planning, creating a beautiful face for the city and bringing other social values in addition to investment in the buildings.
- In addition, the first and decisive factor for investors to do or not to do is the planning and population targets. For the sake of ensuring benefits, the renovation program will have to be carefully considered.


Mr. Pham Ngoc Lam answered the reporters' questions


- Concluding of the seminar, Mr. Tran Trong Tuan emphasized the motivation to accompany the renovation and construction of dilapidated apartment buildings because of the quality of people's lives. People’s living quality must be ensured to be as good as or better than it is in the old place.
- Many solutions have been proposed, revolving around the main issue of ensuring all stakeholders’ interests. Whether it is short-term or long-term, if benefits are ensured, everything is feasible.
- Anyone participating in this program must be benefited. The state in the process of organizing must also be for the sake of the society.
- If all regulations on procedures, compensation, investors .... fail to meet this benefit, they will become a drag on the project development process.
According to Phap Luat Online Newspaper

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