Presenting the house worth more than two billion to People's Artist Huynh Nga


TTO - In the afternoon of February 15, the Municipal Party Committee’s Propaganda Committee, HCMC Department of Culture and Sports held a ceremony to hand over the house to the Director - People's Artist Huynh Nga.


The representative of Duc Khai Joint Stock Company awarded the house presenting decision to People's Artist Huynh Nga


- The house awarded to People's Artist Huynh Nga is about 73m2 wide and worth more than 2 billion, located in Khanh Hoi 1 apartment building, on Ben Van Don Street, District 4.
- 40 years ago, People's Artist Huynh Nga's family lived in a 65m2 apartment in an old apartment building on Tran Dinh Xu Street, District 1 with 13 people.
- Ms. Than Thi Thu - Head of Thanh Hoa Propaganda Department shared: “On the last Lunar New Year occasion, party secretary Dinh La Thang and some city leaders visited and expressed New Year wishes to the family of People's Artist Huynh Nga. Having witnessed the plight and listened to the family's wishes, the party secretary directed the Propaganda Department, the Department of Culture and Sports and some other agencies to propose a new place for uncle Huynh Nga. That day was the 24th on the lunar calendar, and on the 25th of lunar year, we received information that Duc Khai Joint Stock Company had agreed to give the house to People's Artist Huynh Nga. It can be said that this is the first time a company has accompanied the artists with meritorious work, devoting their life to the country's art."
- Ms. Than Thi Thu also said: "The Secretary also asked us to recheck artists who have made great artistic contributions but meet with difficulties and mobilize common social effort to take care of them. Such care not only helps them overcome difficulties but also embodies a deep gratitude. Hopefully, after the first house presented to People's Artist Huynh Nga, there will continue to be many more units participating and accompanying this activity. "
- In the ceremony to hand over the house, the People's Artist Huynh Nga was moved: "It can be said that at the end of my life, I did not expect to be entitled to such felicity. I am too touched to be able to say anything. All my life, all I know is to work on artistic activities, but I never calculated not how much I have contributed to life and career. Receiving this gift, I find myself to be extremely appreciated and honored”.
- Director Huynh Nga is now 85 years old and has been a member of the Party for 58 years. He joined the revolution since he was 12 years old in his home town of Long An. Then he assembled to the North and was one of the people who built the Southern theater troupe in the North.
- After that, he was sent to study in Romania. Upon his return, he was considered as one of the pioneers building the foundation of the revolutionary Reformed Theater after 1975.
- He is famous for his works that are considered exemplary and classic like Life of Ms. Luu, Rediscovering life, Poisonous flowers in the garden, Traveling thousand miles for the husband, Flute sounds in a moonlit night...
According to the Youth Newspaper